How I contributed to Others Learning!

Over the semester I contributed to others learning a couple times. I could have done it a lot more but I did a little bit. I would part take in twitter chats, tweeting back to my classmates when ever they asked questions. I would also just tweet back to my classmates on there tweets even if they weren’t asking questions I would say good job or what ever they were doing. I commented on my classmates blogs only a couple times. This is where I fell behind with I was not as good at commenting on my classmates blogs as I was with tweeting back.

During my ed chat I did not really answer questions because there was only one main questions and then everyone just added to it. During my ed chat I responded back to other people/ teachers. I forgot to screen shot them and as I look back I can’t find any of the people I responded too.

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Summary of Learning!

Here is my final summary of learning for my Education technology class. I hope you guys enjoy.

Thank you Katia for great semester and also my classmates in EDTC 300. Even though it was an online class I feel like I learned a lot from Katia and my classmates.

Thanks everyone, have a good summer!



I did the Coding Academy, and not gonna lie I struggled with this quite a bit. I found the instructions hard to understand and had to ask for a hint a couple of times. I have never really coded before besides in this class so I think its defiantly something you have to play around with and get practice with.

I thinking coding it a great way to challenge children brain. I found this website and it talks about all the benefits coding have on children.


I Made Buffalo Chicken Dip!

My favourite snack is chips and dip. So this week I made my own dip! I made a buffalo chicken dip. I love the idea to this dip but I don’t really like super spicy food, so when I made this I did the spice to taste. It was nice because the cream cheese tied down the spice too so it wasn’t so crazy. This is honestly a super easy recipe too. This recipe is super easy to follow. I also like how some of the ingredients were optional. I am following their recipe but yet I get to change it to how I like.

I forgot to take a picture after I cooked it because I was so excited to eat it.

Hope you enjoy, Thank You!

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Let me Show you How to make PorkChops

Want a recipe that’s so good and takes you about five minutes to make? This recipe is seriously perfect for you! It’s porkchops in mushroom soup. All you have to do is fry the pork chop on both side just to get that little crisp. Fill a casserole dish up with mushroom soup (depending how many pork chops you have and how saucy you like it). After frying the pork chop through it in the mushroom sauce. Then for about 20 minutes let it cook in the oven at 400. Then enjoy! I normally serve it with rice because I love the mushroom soup on the rice.

Heres my video on how too.

Hope you guys enjoy, thank you!

The video got caught off and I don’t know what happened to it. After this step just throw it in the oven and let it cook.


Digital Literacy!

When it comes to teaching students about fake news, the conversation could come up at any time. Students need to learn about fake news because it’s an important thing to know about while using the information. When it comes to school students need to know when their information is real or fake. They need to be able to detect true from false information.  This website shows a good way to teach students the difference between real and face news and it also shows the teachers how to show the students if its real or not.

Teaching students about about fake news is important. Especially when it comes to school. Students use the internet a lot to find information for projects. It would be a good idea to bring this topic up before any project and make sure their aware that not everything they see online is real.


I made Cookies with Time Lapse

This week I made Chocolate Haystack Cookies. They are actually so easy to make. It took me around five minutes to make and there so delicious! You are suppose to scoop them on the pan and let them cool down and then eat them. Personally I think they’re better warm and right when they come off the stove. There super hot so make sure not to use your fingers and use a spoon. I highly recommend this recipe and these cookies, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

The app I used was time lapse on my phone. I have seem this on my camera but have never used it before. I got my mom to video tape me making the cookies. At the start I thought it was to fast but after watching it a couple times I think it worked perfect for this. It shows every step I did, and even steps between like stirring. I highly recommend this but for videos you know that are going to be longer. My video was five minutes long and my video is twenty one seconds long.

Enjoy guys, hope you try this recipe and enjoy it as much as I did.