ESCI 302

CJ #2

I’m willing to commit to reusing and also second hand shopping. I was going to commit to changing my diet but I already barely eat meat so I did not think that would be a good idea. My grandma has a singer sewing machine so we used one of the drawers and painted it and planted some plants in it. I honestly think these plants look so cute in this little drawer. I’m totally up for the idea of reusing things. I know this not a good thing but I’m a person who loves new things. I chose this idea because I know it’s something that would challenge me too do.

CJ 2 REuse I love shopping so I can’t say I will stopping shopping but I will shop at thrift shops or Value Village. I believe in the saying someones trash is another ones treasure. Where I live there is a school you can donate things such as clothes, games, shoes, and also many other things. All the stuff you donate go to kids who are tight on money and can’t afford many things. These kids at this school love everything you give them and you can just tell how grateful they are for this. I have always donated my clothes to this school and honestly it’s such a good feeling.


1 thought on “CJ #2”

  1. I like your idea to reuse more stuff and shopping second hand. I think it may seem difficult at times but it will definitely be worth it. I also love the idea of donating things you don’t need anymore to a school so some students can get new and interesting things to them if their parents are not able to get that kind of stuff for them. One question I have is what other things are you thinking about reusing to fulfill your commitment?


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