CJ #4 Ceremonies

I found this blog post very challenging, and it took me a lot longer than the other blogs to write something for. I was thinking too hard and deep to come up with a homemade ceremony I could start doing. After thinking I thought my homemade ceremony could be as simple as just going outside every day and just enjoy and be thankful for the beautiful environment I have around me. I will go out and sit in a different spot each time and just take it all in. I am going to be in the city and also try and get out. I also would be open to the idea of meditating, yoga, or just connect with myself while sitting there.  I want to find other little things to help the environment, and just find other little homemade ceremonies I could do.

After being in this class I’ve realized how I was taught one thing about the world/ environment which was almost a lie. I feel like I have relearned the truth about the world/environment. Growing up your taught how the world is ending, climate change is a huge problem, rising sea levels, shrinking ice sheets, but you never hear about how it’s us humans who are causing the climate change, rising sea levels, shrinking of the ice sheets. That is a massive thing to leave out. My one disruptive encounters would be growing up my whole life learning about Residential Schools and thinking I knew a lot but having no idea about the cemetery outside of Regina. I had learned about residential and after this class I feel like I relearned the residential school. Knowing that at the cemetery the white kids got head stones, and they said that the indigenous kids probably got thrown into one big hole.  Students need to be educated more and sooner so they can have a part in helping our environment. Yes this is a scary topic for children but if they aren’t aware how are they going to make a change? As a teacher I want to play a huge role in educating my students on the environment. I want them to be aware so they can help make a change. I will continue to educate myself in order to provide as much as I can to help my students. The main thing I will offer the earth of myself would be stop never stop learning and to respect and be grateful for the environment.

cj 4.JPG


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