My First attempt at my final project!

For my final project I want to learn how to cook. I will admit I’m probably the worst for this because I’m the kind of person who is fine with eating soup, sandwiches, itchy ban, or macaroni. Even though I like all these things, I think it’s time I learn how to make stuff to eat so I can cook for my future, and so I can start eating better. My first little meal I made was a bacon egger  sandwich, I thought I should start out easy so that I can show my progress over time.  Also because I can’t cook at all so I shouldn’t go in making this fabulous massive meal.

I used a bun instead of a McMuffin just because I didn’t have them at the time, and I also fried my egg instead just because I don’t like them cooked this way. When I was making the sandwich I started by putting the bacon in the oven and cutting the bun. When the bacon was half way to being done. I startimg_1939 (1) the egg and while that was frying, I buttered the bun and grilled it too. When everything was done I grab the bottom of the bun, put bacon, then egg, then cheese, and then I drizzled some hot sauce on as well. I used to hate hot sauce but now I love it. Not gonna lie I was pretty proud of myself for how well it turned out. I know it’s an easy start but I was still proud.


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