Week Two of Learning how to Cook

For my second week of learning how to cook I made Chili. I really enjoy chili but I don’t like when other people make it because I don’t like the kidney beans. When I made the Chili I decided to leave out the beans so I don’t have to eat them, since I was the one making it. I only made a small pot because I didn’t want to much leftovers. I still wantedimg_1959 (1) to let some people to try it because I wanted to know how good it was. I let my mom and grandma both have some. They told me I did not add enough chili seasoning, and that next time I should add more. My mom also told me it was a little too spicy for her liking but that’s the way I like it, I like spicy foods. She said there was more spice then chili flavor. Chili is really easy to make, and I’m glad I learned how to make it. I made my grandmas recipe because her Chili is so good. The only thing I changed was adding no beans, and making it a little bit more spicy then her.


3 thoughts on “Week Two of Learning how to Cook”

  1. Hi Kaitlyn! This looks delicious and I am also a huge fan of chili but not so much spice! I love how you have added a picture of your final product to your blog, now I suggest maybe adding more pictures of your progress or links to what media pieces you used for this project. For example maybe give the link to the recipe you used, etc. Super excited to see what other masterpieces you make throughout your learning journey!


  2. I agree with Sydneys comment! Adding the link to your recipe is a great idea…maybe even adding a video or time-lapse of you cooking in the future would also be super great!

    The food looks very tasty by the way!!! Enjoy the cooking!


  3. I love how versatile chili is. You can add so many different ingredients to it, and it is still delicious. I also love that I can put it in the slow cooker in the morning and manage to provide a good hearty meal for my husband and I on busy days!


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