I made Homemade Hamburgers!!

Every weekend I go home to my house and my mom is the one who teaches me how to cook. Learning to cook from my mom is a good and bad thing. I like my moms cooking so I obviously want to learn from her, but my mom does not measure anything so it’s hard to really know how much of an ingredient to put in. When cooking with my mom you hear the words “sprinkle” “dash” and “just a little bit.” When I was cooking this weekend she would say sprinkle and I would do

hMDgIwoiQ4qSbUJqdc12Jg what I thought was a sprinkle and she said that, that’s not what she called a sprinkle. It was challenging and that’s why I wish she measured. Even when it comes to baking she’s like this too. So this weekend when we made burgers she would tell me what to add and I would add those ingredients. The burgers tasted pretty good, but I over cooked them on the bbq. The burgers were a little dry. This picture is all the ingredients in the bowl before the burgers were mixed. +2zO2NjeSSOigOwfTffomAI’m mixing the burgers. This was probably the worst part. The meat was so cold. It was painful trying to mix the meat. I would mix a little and then have to take my hands out because it hurt that much. These are the burgers after being mixed and shaped into Pattys. I forgot to take a picture of the burgers after I cooked them. P8SRXbNtQN+jTNgy6IaE5w


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