My First Twitter Chat!

So tonight I was apart of my first twitter chat, beside the one I did with my edtc300 class. The chat I took part in was #edchat. The question they asked was how do we support a movement for supportive, effective, and collaborative professional development for all educators? When I first read it, it took me a while to answer. I’m not a person who normally speaks up or talks in front of people, and even though this was over the phone it still made me nervous. It was my first twitter chat and there was so many adults who were already teachers, and who are a lot older than me. I wanted to fit in with them. I made my tweet and then one of the older teachers and one of the leaders of this chat retweeted my tweet, I honestly felt so much better about this twitter chat. I tweeted again, and started liking, retweeting, and commenting on other teachers comments towards the question. I have teachers who are now following me, and I’m following them now. I honestly was really uneasy about the chat at the start but I actually really enjoyed it. I feel more comfortable now. I really enjoyed seeing what other people had to say, and what they had to say about my tweets. I will join more chats, and continue to do them.


3 thoughts on “My First Twitter Chat!”

  1. I’m glad your first twitter chat went well!! I also felt nervous being “behind a screen” so your not the only one! Maybe link the chat hashtag next time so we can easily access it on twitter!


  2. Hi Kaitlyn! I am glad you enjoyed your first Twitter chat! I completely agree with you that at first, it can be very intimidating chatting with educators that have been in the profession for many years, however, I found after doing many Twitter chats that these teachers are always looking for new ideas! Since we are still in school we are learning about resources to support our teaching that they have no idea about! We can bring a different spin to the chat and with my experience the teachers have really enjoyed this aspect! For your next posts to come it would be really cool if you could post screenshots of memorable conversations or maybe links such as the edchat link so others can go and join this chat later on! Keep up the great work!


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