I Made a Little Bit of Everything Tonight

Today my mom and I made some salads to just have in the fridge for my family to snack on, and then I also helped her make supper tonight as3RaVCQz5TI2BQkeM+KzUFw well. The salads we made today was a classic macaroni  salad, and my favourite macaroni salad. The red salad that we used to go to bonanza for. I learned how to make it and it’s so simple I can’t believe I know how to make it, and how easy it is. In the classic salad its just noodles, copped up cheese, green peas, green onion, and the dressing it just mayonnaise. I love these salads and it takes about five minutes to make both of them. I took this photo before I added the dressing to 00hKeekGR9mlXjcImghrxgthe dish. It’s super easy to make and its the best snack to have. This is the salad with the dressing on it. When I was making the red salad, which is my favourite. I went to make a video and the video did not work out so I have no pictures or video of that salad.


Then for supper today we made Chicken Monterey, corn, and rice with a bun on the side. I forgot to take pictures throughout my process but I have RSlT%XS0RjulSdr0ML09sw.jpgcertain steps of me making the supper. I have me peeling the corn, which is kind of an annoying process just because the corn hair get stuck to you. and then I have the corn in boiling water .


After all this I totally forgot to get more pictures of even video tape myself doing this. I’m not a very good multitasker so I struggle with trying to learn how to cook and also keep track of what I’m doing and capture it. This is my meal after I was done making it. It taste a lot better than it looks. I also don’t have my corn in the photo because I hate when my food touches. FVfvNk%DSeSIiDh%dxQOwg



3 thoughts on “I Made a Little Bit of Everything Tonight”

  1. Both look so yummy! I love macaroni salad. I love how you added pictures to show the process, as well photos of the end product. If you are willing, I recommend putting in the recipes to whatever you are making! Great job 🙂


  2. I love macaroni salad but I can’t find a good recipe! Any chance you’d be willing to share?? I love that you cook with your mom, that’s so awesome! I am the same as you, I can’t stand when my food touches!


  3. Hi Kaitlyn! I love making family favorite recipes with my parents! However, being in an EDTC class I just thought I would remind you to use hyperlinks and online resources to help with your learning! The biggest purpose of this assignment is to allow us to explore different resource one can use to conduct their self-learning! Great job excited to see what you have next week!


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