Wesch Reflection

I found this video very interesting. I didn’t know about all the different types of media that intersect with youtube. Now a days you can find anything you want on the internet . For my future classroom I think it’s important to show and teach kids about the internet. Important for them to know the benefits and disadvantages of the web. Since it’s becoming more and more popular each day I think it’s important for students to develop the skills on how to use the web. I would still prefer books over technology because its more of a challenge for the students, but the web it’s easier for them to find the answers. Future in schools web is going to become more and more popular. You can already start to see it change. Before students would have a computers throughout the school and you would have to take turns but now a lot of schools are giving their students computers to use during the schools. Schools allow cellphones more often, iPads all those technology. Soon I think everything will all be done online, and each student will have their own device.

When I was in elementary school instead of learning how to hand write we learned how to properly type on a computer key board. It just goes to show how technology is becoming the new thing.


1 thought on “Wesch Reflection”

  1. The advancement of technology and the ways that schools will adapt to it is a hot topic among educators. There seems to be two schools of thought: people who embrace the change and people who are fighting it. In my opinion, I think that the integration of technology in schools could be a catalyst for a change in curriculum, in a positive way. Where do you stand on the topic? Judging from your blog, it seems that you’re open to the idea!


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