Casseroles Are My Favourite

Tonight I made a Tuna Casserole. Casseroles are my favourite but the close people around are not too fond of casseroles. When cooking by myself I can make what ever I want. I googled casseroles and this one caught my eye. I’ve azFNCwb3RxOMXi3sJOQGignever made a casserole before so I was hesitate by how well it would turned out. I saw lots of people google Tuna casserole with mushroom soup, that was something I wanted. I love mushroom soup so how could it not work out. I don’t really like chopping onions because they make me cry, and because I didn’t have one. My friend suggested onion soup mix instead and I didn’t know how well it would turn out. I actually really enjoyed it. I also left out green peas because I didn’t have them , and I don’t think I’d like it in a casserole. Overall I would TnxLSoPrSNGURFl2i%+I3greally recommend it!! This is it all done, and me getting ready to eat it. Also if you make to much like I did, it actually reheats really well. It’s still saucy and has great flavour.


1 thought on “Casseroles Are My Favourite”

  1. Hi Kaitlyn! I also am a fan of casseroles! I once made a tuna casserole and then realized it was the tuna I did not like but that is okay! I think you are progressing great throughout your learning project! I like how you have now started to add pictures and links to your recipes! Are you planning on trying any recipes with a slow cooker? I love slow cookers but I only think to make the same thing in them all of the time! You have done a great job of describing your process however, I would love to see the challenges you had during your process to really reflect your experience as a whole! Keep up the great work!


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