You can learn a lot about a person by just typing their name in Google. Today I get to cybersleuth Machenzie Stamm. When I typed in Mackenzie Stamm on Google I was directed to her blog, along with her twitter. This is all the information I learned about her.

  • Attends University of Regina
  • She’s enrolled In Education pre-k to 5
  • Originally from Regina but when she was about 3 her family built a house out in Pilot Butte
  • After a while they moved to White City
  • Graduated Greenall Highschool in 2015
  • Graduating class had about 180 which was big for a small town
  • Her brother Riley is 5 years younger
  • She has a boyfriend who she met in grade 10 so they have been together for 4 and half years
  • She played Ringette and Softball
  • Mackenzie holds pitching camps
  • Got her babysitting course when she was 12 years old
  • daycare worker- November 2013- February 2014
  • Coaching 2014- present
  • She’s a fourth year
  • Her Youtube Channel is Mackenzie Stamm

I was able to find all of this information about Mackenzie in about 10 minutes. You’re personal digital footprint says so much about you


1 thought on “Cybersleuthing”

  1. Hi Kaitlyn! You found a lot about Mckenzie through your search! To spice up this blog post a little bit I would suggest linking to some of Mackenzie’s pages such as her blog and Twitter. I would also suggest adding some screenshots of some of the searches you made to find out this information. I did this with my friend last year, here is my post if you want to go and check it out!


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