I Love Casseroles so I made Another One!

I honestly love casseroles so much, they are so quick and easy to make and they’re just so good. I enjoy making casseroles just because I don’t get them a lot at home because my dad and brother don’t like them. I love them because they’re so many different kinds of casseroles and so it’s almost impossible to get sick of them. Also I’m living away from home and casseroles are great for university students budget because they make so much that you can reheat and eat more then once.

This week I made Hamburger Casserole, it was so simple to make, and really quick. I was look through Pinterest and this casserole came up and it looked so good. I also really enjoyed it because the recipe was super easy to follow and it came with a video also.

My Overall thoughts on this recipe is really enjoyable, affordable, and easy to make. I highly recommend for people to try this, if you love casseroles like me.

Enjoys Guys!!

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1 thought on “I Love Casseroles so I made Another One!”

  1. Hi Kaitlyn! I have loved to see your progression throughout this learning project! I was wondering if you had found any online sources such as YouTube how to’s to assist you in your learning? Keep up the great work!


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