How I contributed to Others Learning!

Over the semester I contributed to others learning a couple times. I could have done it a lot more but I did a little bit. I would part take in twitter chats, tweeting back to my classmates when ever they asked questions. I would also just tweet back to my classmates on there tweets even if they weren’t asking questions I would say good job or what ever they were doing. I commented on my classmates blogs only a couple times. This is where I fell behind with I was not as good at commenting on my classmates blogs as I was with tweeting back.

During my ed chat I did not really answer questions because there was only one main questions and then everyone just added to it. During my ed chat I responded back to other people/ teachers. I forgot to screen shot them and as I look back I can’t find any of the people I responded too.

fullsizeoutput_697                                                 fullsizeoutput_695      fullsizeoutput_694fullsizeoutput_696


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