I Made a Little Bit of Everything Tonight

Today my mom and I made some salads to just have in the fridge for my family to snack on, and then I also helped her make supper tonight as3RaVCQz5TI2BQkeM+KzUFw well. The salads we made today was a classic macaroni salad, and my favourite macaroni salad. The red salad that we used to go to bonanza for. I learned how to make it and it’s so simple I can’t believe I know how to make it, and how easy it is. In the classic salad its just noodles, copped up cheese, green peas, green onion, and the dressing it just mayonnaise. I love these salads and it takes about five minutes to make both of them. I took this photo before I added the dressing to 00hKeekGR9mlXjcImghrxgthe dish. It’s super easy to make and its the best snack to have. This is the salad with the dressing on it. When I was making the red salad, which is my favourite. I went to make a video and the video did not work out so I have no pictures or video of that salad.


Then for supper today we made chicken monterey, corn, and rice with a bun on the side. I forgot to take pictures throughout my process but I have RSlT%XS0RjulSdr0ML09sw.jpgcertain steps of me making the supper. I have me peeling the corn, which is kind of an annoying process just because the corn hair get stuck to you. and then I have the corn in boiling water .


After all this I totally forgot to get more pictures of even video tape myself doing this. I’m not a very good multitasker so I struggle with trying to learn how to cook and also keep track of what I’m doing and capture it. This is my meal after I was done making it. It taste a lot better than it looks. I also don’t have my corn in the photo because I hate when my food touches. FVfvNk%DSeSIiDh%dxQOwg



I made Homemade Hamburgers!!

Every weekend I go home to my house and my mom is the one who teaches me how to cook. Learning to cook from my mom is a good and bad thing. I like my moms cooking so I obviously want to learn from her, but my mom does not measure anything so it’s hard to really know how much of an ingredient to put in. When cooking with my mom you hear the words “sprinkle” “dash” and “just a little bit.” When I was cooking this weekend she would say sprinkle and I would do

hMDgIwoiQ4qSbUJqdc12Jg what I thought was a sprinkle and she said that, that’s not what she called a sprinkle. It was challenging and that’s why I wish she measured. Even when it comes to baking she’s like this too. So this weekend when we made burgers she would tell me what to add and I would add those ingredients. The burgers tasted pretty good, but I over cooked them on the bbq. The burgers were a little dry. This picture is all the ingredients in the bowl before the burgers were mixed. +2zO2NjeSSOigOwfTffomAI’m mixing the burgers. This was probably the worst part. The meat was so cold. It was painful trying to mix the meat. I would mix a little and then have to take my hands out because it hurt that much. These are the burgers after being mixed and shaped into Pattys. I forgot to take a picture of the burgers after I cooked them. P8SRXbNtQN+jTNgy6IaE5w


My First Twitter Chat!

So tonight I was apart of my first twitter chat, beside the one I did with my edtc300 class. The chat I took part in was #edchat. The question they asked was how do we support a movement for supportive, effective, and collaborative professional development for all educators? When I first read it, it took me a while to answer. I’m not a person who normally speaks up or talks in front of people, and even though this was over the phone it still made me nervous. It was my first twitter chat and there was so many adults who were already teachers, and who are a lot older than me. I wanted to fit in with them. I made my tweet and then one of the older teachers and one of the leaders of this chat retweeted my tweet, I honestly felt so much better about this twitter chat. I tweeted again, and started liking, retweeting, and commenting on other teachers comments towards the question. I have teachers who are now following me, and I’m following them now. I honestly was really uneasy about the chat at the start but I actually really enjoyed it. I feel more comfortable now. I really enjoyed seeing what other people had to say, and what they had to say about my tweets. I will join more chats, and continue to do them.


Week Two of Learning how to Cook

For my second week of learning how to cook I made Chili. I really enjoy chili but I don’t like when other people make it because I don’t like the kidney beans. When I made the Chili I decided to leave out the beans so I don’t have to eat them, since I was the one making it. I only made a small pot because I didn’t want to much leftovers. I still wantedimg_1959 (1) to let some people to try it because I wanted to know how good it was. I let my mom and grandma both have some. They told me I did not add enough chili seasoning, and that next time I should add more. My mom also told me it was a little too spicy for her liking but that’s the way I like it, I like spicy foods. She said there was more spice then chili flavor. Chili is really easy to make, and I’m glad I learned how to make it. I made my grandmas recipe because her Chili is so good. The only thing I changed was adding no beans, and making it a little bit more spicy then her.


Interesting Educational Blogs

I was looking for blogs about Education to connect with other teachers, guidance about the education world. I want to be able to connect with teachers from all over the world. It would be cool to be able to read and learn about schools, education, and what it’s like to be teachers and their experiences.

When trying to find blogs I googled good Educational blogs, and I came across Top 10 Education Tech Blogs There is a lot of good blogs on this website.

My favourite blog that I cam across was My Paperless Classroom He gives you ideas on how to incorporate technology into the classroom for positive teaching. He even addresses video games in the classroom. There is so many amazing blogs on this website.

I highly recommend you guys to check out these blogs, they give you awesome ideas, positives that technology has.


My First attempt at my final project!

For my final project I want to learn how to cook. I will admit I’m probably the worst for this because I’m the kind of person who is fine with eating soup, sandwiches, itchy ban, or macaroni. Even though I like all these things, I think it’s time I learn how to make stuff to eat so I can cook for my future, and so I can start eating better. My first little meal I made was an bacon egger sandwich, I thought I should start out easy so that I can show my progress over time.  Also because I can’t cook at all so I shouldn’t go in making this fabulous massive meal.

When I was making the sandwich I started by putting the bacon in the oven and cutting the bun. When the bacon was half way to being done. I startimg_1939 (1) the egg and while that was frying, I buttered the bun and grilled it too. When everything was done I grab the bottom of the bun, put bacon, then egg, then cheese, and then I drizzled some hot sauce on as well. I used to hate hot sauce but now I love it. Not gonna lie I was pretty proud of myself for how well it turned out. I know it’s an easy start but I was still proud.


Get to know me!

Hello, I’m Kaitlyn Barry. I just turned 20 years old at the beginning of 2019. I’m in my second year of the middle years program here at the University of Regina. I’m from Moose Jaw, and live in Regina during the weeks but on the weekends I go home to see my family. I’ve only been in the classroom once during my education program, and there was very minimum technology in the class, they hand write their writing, except a couple students got to use computers to help them, students who needed a little bit more help. Other then that there was very minimum technology in the classroom. I remember when I was in elementary we used technology a lot in the classroom, we used it for research, play music, read books, and many more things. When it comes to blogging I’m still getting used to how everything works, I only used it for one class and that was first year, first semester. As of right now I’m not a huge fan of blogging but I think it’s still because I’m not very good at it. I’m sure my mind will change the more I use it.