You can learn a lot about a person by just typing their name in Google. Today I get to cybersleuth Machenzie Stamm. When I typed in Mackenzie Stamm on Google I was directed to her blog, along with her twitter. This is all the information I learned about her.

  • Attends University of Regina
  • She’s enrolled In Education pre-k to 5
  • Originally from Regina but when she was about 3 her family built a house out in Pilot Butte
  • After a while they moved to White City
  • Graduated Greenall Highschool in 2015
  • Graduating class had about 180 which was big for a small town
  • Her brother Riley is 5 years younger
  • She has a boyfriend who she met in grade 10 so they have been together for 4 and half years
  • She played Ringette and Softball
  • Mackenzie holds pitching camps
  • Got her babysitting course when she was 12 years old
  • daycare worker- November 2013- February 2014
  • Coaching 2014- present
  • She’s a fourth year
  • Her Youtube Channel is Mackenzie Stamm

I was able to find all of this information about Mackenzie in about 10 minutes. You’re personal digital footprint says so much about you


I Love Casseroles so I made Another One!

I honestly love casseroles so much, they are so quick and easy to make and they’re just so good. I enjoy making casseroles just because I don’t get them a lot at home because my dad and brother don’t like them. I love them because they’re so many different kinds of casseroles and so it’s almost impossible to get sick of them. Also I’m living away from home and casseroles are great for university students budget because they make so much that you can reheat and eat more then once.

This week I made Hamburger Casserole, it was so simple to make, and really quick. I was look through Pinterest and this casserole came up and it looked so good. I also really enjoyed it because the recipe was super easy to follow and it came with a video also.

My Overall thoughts on this recipe is really enjoyable, affordable, and easy to make. I highly recommend for people to try this, if you love casseroles like me.

Enjoys Guys!!

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Youtube Reminder

Youtube has turned into the largest online video sharing platform in the world. Youtube enables easy and fast video uploading and sharing. This allows for a large variety of content to be made easily available to the public. Teachers have zeroed in on Youtube as a great source to find educational content for students and promote digital citizenship.Like any widely used internet source though, it can often be abused.





The following remind conversation highlights some of the many advantages and disadvantages of Youtube as an educational resource. This conversation takes place in regards to a fictional grade eight social studies classroom. Ms. Glascock has assigned students to find current event topics to watch and discuss briefly during the beginning of class. Two parents, Jocelyn and Kaitlyn have learned about the assignment from their kids and have some concerns about the Youtube.





Both parents are expressing a concern for the use of YouTube in the classroom. The believe that their children have way too much screen time already and they don’t need anymore while they are at school. They are also very concerned with the current challenge that is all over the internet known as the Momo challenge. This challenge instructs the viewer to share the post in a certain amount of time or else they will die. It also gives instructions on how to self harm and commit suicide. Both of these arguments are true and are valid reasons why students should not be allowed on YouTube at school, but there are many benefits of it if it is used properly.

The teacher is using YouTube as a way to engage her students with current events. They are given the assignment and must critically search through YouTube to find valid, concrete sources. This task not only promotes critical thinking, but it also contributes to their digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is how you interact with the internet and other users on the internet.

Through this assignment, students are interacting with both political and social current events that affect them in one way or another. They are then able to connect with other people who are also interested or affected by these current events and discuss and ask questions. This builds a good relationship with technology and encourages students to use the internet for good and not in a way that might get them into trouble.


Remindis a free text messaging App, aimed at teachers, students, and parents. It allows for fast and easy communication, while keeping personal information such as phone numbers private.

The Momo Challengeuses a very spooky photo of a chinese based character to coax people on multiple different internet platforms, including youtube into acts violence and self harm. Scarier yet, much of the Momo content is targeted at children. Click the link to learn more about the Momo Challenge.

The Distraction Free Youtube extension  allows you to remove distractions in the form of ads on Youtube, as well as inappropriate content such as the Momo Challenge.
Twitter was also used in gaining valuable opinions of Youtube in the classroom from fellow educators, and education students. Thanks too anyone who participated!

Twitter was also used in gaining valuable opinions of Youtube in the classroom from fellow educators, and education students. Thanks too anyone who participated!

Youtubewas also used in making this blog post, for searching up information such as digital citizenship, and the Momo Challenge. This proves how useful it really can be in education.


Wesch Reflection

I found this video very interesting. I didn’t know about all the different types of media that intersect with youtube. Now a days you can find anything you want on the internet . For my future classroom I think it’s important to show and teach kids about the internet. Important for them to know the benefits and disadvantages of the web. Since it’s becoming more and more popular each day I think it’s important for students to develop the skills on how to use the web. I would still prefer books over technology because its more of a challenge for the students, but the web it’s easier for them to find the answers. Future in schools web is going to become more and more popular. You can already start to see it change. Before students would have a computers throughout the school and you would have to take turns but now a lot of schools are giving their students computers to use during the schools. Schools allow cellphones more often, iPads all those technology. Soon I think everything will all be done online, and each student will have their own device.

When I was in elementary school instead of learning how to hand write we learned how to properly type on a computer key board. It just goes to show how technology is becoming the new thing.


My First Twitter Chat!

So tonight I was apart of my first twitter chat, beside the one I did with my edtc300 class. The chat I took part in was #edchat. The question they asked was how do we support a movement for supportive, effective, and collaborative professional development for all educators? When I first read it, it took me a while to answer. I’m not a person who normally speaks up or talks in front of people, and even though this was over the phone it still made me nervous. It was my first twitter chat and there was so many adults who were already teachers, and who are a lot older than me. I wanted to fit in with them. I made my tweet and then one of the older teachers and one of the leaders of this chat retweeted my tweet, I honestly felt so much better about this twitter chat. I tweeted again, and started liking, retweeting, and commenting on other teachers comments towards the question. I have teachers who are now following me, and I’m following them now. I honestly was really uneasy about the chat at the start but I actually really enjoyed it. I feel more comfortable now. I really enjoyed seeing what other people had to say, and what they had to say about my tweets. I will join more chats, and continue to do them.


Week Two of Learning how to Cook

For my second week of learning how to cook I made Chili. I really enjoy chili but I don’t like when other people make it because I don’t like the kidney beans. When I made the Chili I decided to leave out the beans so I don’t have to eat them, since I was the one making it. I only made a small pot because I didn’t want to much leftovers. I still wantedimg_1959 (1) to let some people to try it because I wanted to know how good it was. I let my mom and grandma both have some. They told me I did not add enough chili seasoning, and that next time I should add more. My mom also told me it was a little too spicy for her liking but that’s the way I like it, I like spicy foods. She said there was more spice then chili flavor. Chili is really easy to make, and I’m glad I learned how to make it. I made my grandmas recipe because her Chili is so good. The only thing I changed was adding no beans, and making it a little bit more spicy then her.


Interesting Educational Blogs

I was looking for blogs about Education to connect with other teachers, guidance about the education world. I want to be able to connect with teachers from all over the world. It would be cool to be able to read and learn about schools, education, and what it’s like to be teachers and their experiences.

When trying to find blogs I googled good Educational blogs, and I came across Top 10 Education Tech Blogs There is a lot of good blogs on this website.

My favourite blog that I cam across was My Paperless Classroom He gives you ideas on how to incorporate technology into the classroom for positive teaching. He even addresses video games in the classroom. There is so many amazing blogs on this website.

I highly recommend you guys to check out these blogs, they give you awesome ideas, positives that technology has.