Field Experience


King George Elementary School

For my pre-internship I was placed at King George School in Moose Jaw. I am in a grade YAqzI4D2SFGJmvcC+YDmOAfive classroom. I go once a week for eight weeks straight. Each week I get to teach one lesson, so far I have taught Art, Math, Writing, Science, English Language Arts, and
Health. I was definatly more comfortable with some subjects and not so much the other ones. I really got the full experience though. I have absolutely loved my time at King George and  I can’t wait to experience my three week block with those students.


Mcveety Elementary School

I did my field experience at Marion Mcveety School in Regina. The first day I was super nervous and I did not really know what to expect. The teacher I was placed with could of not been better. He was super welcoming, and just overall just a really nice guy. All the teachers and students loved him. Meeting the kids for the first time was super nerve racking because you want them to like you, obviously. We played warm up games and soon the kids opened up to us. Over the weeks we bonded with the children over different things each time. We play games on valentines day, they draw us pictures, we help them with math and spelling. Each week the children are more comfortable with us.mcveety class Spending the eight weeks at Mcveety was honestly so much fun, the times fly’s. The children and teachers are amazing there. This elementary school was so much different from what I grew up with. This school was so diverse, I learned so much about them. Being at a diverse school was different. I went to bring cookies for the kids on valentines day but the teacher said to just forget about it because some of the kids can’t eat certain foods because of their culture. I knew that but it’s something that doesn’t come to your mind when you think about that. I learned from that. We had students from China, Spain, Pakistan, and they got along so well. I honestly loved every minute with my 4/5 class, and wouldn’t want to spend my eight weeks anywhere else.