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CJ #4 Ceremonies

I found this blog post very challenging, and it took me a lot longer than the other blogs to write something for. I was thinking too hard and deep to come up with a homemade ceremony I could start doing. After thinking I thought my homemade ceremony could be as simple as just going outside every day and just enjoy and be thankful for the beautiful environment I have around me. I will go out and sit in a different spot each time and just take it all in. I am going to be in the city and also try and get out. I also would be open to the idea of meditating, yoga, or just connect with myself while sitting there.  I want to find other little things to help the environment, and just find other little homemade ceremonies I could do.

After being in this class I’ve realized how I was taught one thing about the world/ environment which was almost a lie. I feel like I have relearned the truth about the world/environment. Growing up your taught how the world is ending, climate change is a huge problem, rising sea levels, shrinking ice sheets, but you never hear about how it’s us humans who are causing the climate change, rising sea levels, shrinking of the ice sheets. That is a massive thing to leave out. My one disruptive encounters would be growing up my whole life learning about Residential Schools and thinking I knew a lot but having no idea about the cemetery outside of Regina. I had learned about residential and after this class I feel like I relearned the residential school. Knowing that at the cemetery the white kids got head stones, and they said that the indigenous kids probably got thrown into one big hole.  Students need to be educated more and sooner so they can have a part in helping our environment. Yes this is a scary topic for children but if they aren’t aware how are they going to make a change? As a teacher I want to play a huge role in educating my students on the environment. I want them to be aware so they can help make a change. I will continue to educate myself in order to provide as much as I can to help my students. The main thing I will offer the earth of myself would be stop never stop learning and to respect and be grateful for the environment.

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CJ #3 Wilderness

Thinking back to all my outdoor experiences I wouldn’t really call them being in the wilderness. My idea of being in the wilderness is honestly just being away from home/town and have nothing around you but trees, plants, ect. There is so much more to wilderness than that. It takes more than just being away from home and in the trees to be in the wilderness.

I’ve always went camping in Banff and we would go on really long hikes to this beautiful river. We would go off the paths and you would see trees dying, fallen over, and I would call that wilderness because no humans have touched it. If that was in the town the tree would not be there. Everything that is stereotyped as being in the wilderness like hiking, canoeing, camping, is everything I have done and loved and called it being in the wilderness when in reality it was the stereotype of wilderness.

Going on outdoor Ed, you would think you would learn more being in the outdoors but you really don’t. At my school outdoor ed was more to teach you survival skills. We would drive somewhere with no cell signal and canoe/bike, fish to catch supper, hike, and tent. Each night we would learn more about surviving in the wild.

In the article The Whiteness of Green it talks about how on these trips there is not much education on Canada’s history or anything about the treaties which are a big part of Canada history, considering we live on treaty four land. On these trips there needs to be more education to the students not just survival skills. Treaty education should be a subject, not just in outdoor ed but in other classes as well. The article talks about settlers learning about treaties because they were here first and the settlers took over and the treaties were pushed aside.



Ecoliteracy Braid

This assignment left me with a lot of thinking and having a hard time coming up with what I wanted to write. After a little thinking I wrote a love letter to my mom because my mom is eco-literate. After writing mine and hearing everyone else’s love letter/poems the two people I could relate my letter to was Madison Fouhse and Amber Girbav. They both wrote love letters just like I did as well. I see a lot of similarities in our love letters. That’s why I decided to make my ecoliteracy braid with them.


Mine, Amber’s, and Madison braids were similar but not at the same time. We all wrote to someone we love and a person who has a big influence in our lives. Amber and I both wrote to our parents. We are thanking them for the green environment around us. They are giving us a healthier and better environment and are trying to make a change doing what they can around their home to make it more green. Maddison is also thanking someone but she is thanking her boyfriend. She says thank you for making me appreciate the world. In all three of ours we aren’t just thanking them but we are inspired to be like that.  In all three of our letters we are thanking our loved ones them for making us better as a whole person. These people who are eco-literate play a huge role in making us eco-literate too. These people we love have changed our lives forever.


The difference between our love letters is mine I’m admiring everything my mom does to help the environment. The thing I admire most is that she does it because she loves to do it not just do benefit the environment. Amber talking about all the stuff she’s noticed around her home that her parents do to make their home environment so beautiful and she is thanking them for that. Madison is thanking her boyfriend for helping her appreciate everything around her, and help her notice the beautiful things in the environment. We are all saying thank you but saying thank you for different things.


Leave no children behind is the reading I like for this. We need children to forget about technology and go outside and realize how great it is outside. These people that we are writing to in our love letters are helping us appreciate, love, and admire how beautiful our outside world is. The people in our love letters take the time to appreciate the outside and there trying to do that for us.



Love Letter

Dear mom,

I’m writing this letter to you because I admire what you do to benefit our environment. The best part about it all is you don’t just do it because you want to help our environment but you just enjoy doing it. In my class I’m taking we are talking about what we can do to benefit the environment and a lot of the ideas we came up with you already do. Shopping local, second hand shopping, gardening, changing our diet are the ideas we came up with as a class. You garden, shop local, and sometimes second hand shop. Buying local from the farmers and hutterites is where you get our vegetables, we have a garden in our backyard even though a lot of times it doesn’t work out. You are helping the environment and enjoying it and that’s what so admiring by it. Everyone should be able to make a change to better our environment and also enjoy doing it as well.


Love Katie

ESCI 302

CJ #2

I’m willing to commit to reusing and also second hand shopping. I was going to commit to changing my diet but I already barely eat meat so I did not think that would be a good idea. My grandma has a singer sewing machine so we used one of the drawers and painted it and planted some plants in it. I honestly think these plants look so cute in this little drawer. I’m totally up for the idea of reusing things. I know this not a good thing but I’m a person who loves new things. I chose this idea because I know it’s something that would challenge me too do.

CJ 2 REuse I love shopping so I can’t say I will stopping shopping but I will shop at thrift shops or Value Village. I believe in the saying someones trash is another ones treasure. Where I live there is a school you can donate things such as clothes, games, shoes, and also many other things. All the stuff you donate go to kids who are tight on money and can’t afford many things. These kids at this school love everything you give them and you can just tell how grateful they are for this. I have always donated my clothes to this school and honestly it’s such a good feeling.

ESCI 302

CJ 1 Farming


Farming blog post 1

I come from a family which is really big into farming. It is a family business my dad, brother, and grandpa all work for this farm. I know farming is not always good for the environment but it also is good for it at the same time. Everything has it’s pros and cons. Farming is good for the environment because it is a huge part of peoples life. It supplies a lot of ingredients people eat everyday. Growing up I would spend so much time out at the farm. That was a lot of my outdoor activities I did was out at the farm. I always remember going out to the farm to go for combine rides with my dad, or going out there and I would pick up the seeds I would see were left behind and put them in a bucket. One time we went out to the far and the men were trying to combine but it just rained and it was to wet out the combine got so stuck. While all the men were trying to get it unstuck I went a took a picture on it. I love going out to the farm. Farming is a big part of my environment. A lot of my childhood memories are out at the farm. My mom is a stay home mom and so we would always go out to the farm and see my dad. The reading I would connect this too would be Creative Journals by William F. Hammond. I was having a hard time coming up with a topic just because I wouldn’t count myself as a very creative person. After reading Hammonds journal ideas I was able to come up with this idea and quiet easy just because this is a huge part of my families life.