Truth and Reconciliation Philosophy

To me truth and reconciliation means that we are working towards a country that is more understanding, respectful, and supportive. We are all working together to educate all Canadians about their past history, and working together and supporting one another to healing the wounds of those affected and still affected today by Canada’s history. To treaty educationmove forward with this people have to understand and take ownership of what happened. We are a unity and that why we will work together and support, understand, and respect one another in this country.

I believe that treaty education is an essential part of a students education. Treaties are a huge part of Canada’s history and as well as being a huge role in Canada still to this day.

  • students should know that the land they live on is treaty land
  • Students should understand what Aboriginal people went through in Canada’s history
  • Students should know the struggles Aboriginal people are still going through
  • Students should learn about reserves and they’re way of living
  • Aboriginal people are a part of Canada and students should learn about Aboriginals way of living and there traditions
  • Students should learn and demonstrate how to work towards truth and ¬†reconciliation
  • Students should be able to make their own definition of what truth and reconciliation means to them

There is so much more students should learn about when it comes to treaty education. I we r all trbelieve that students need this education so they can learn, grow, respect, and understand all of the people in Canada.