Volunteer Work

The sport I grew up doing is dancing. I danced since I was three years old and graduated at 18. My studio started doing this dance-a-thon a couple years before I graduated. It was called kids helping kids. The grade twelves were the

khkssones who ran the dance-a-thon, with  a little help from the teachers. The grade twelves would come up with all the ideas for the kids. Kids from 3 years old to 18 years old would come to the studio and the grade twelves would teach them a little dance, play games, and have snacks. After one full day of fun we would have money come in and all the money would go to Creative Kids in Regina. All the money would go to kids who could not afford to dance. We werekhk giving kids the chance to be able to take dance classes. The year my grade ran the dance-a-thon we raised 11,000.00 dollars. Giving that much money to children you know need it feels so good. Just receiving that feeling is the best reward.